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Ishqbaaz 20th December 2016 Written Update



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Ishqbaaz 20th December 2016 Written Update

Shivaye says I m coming Anika, nothing will happen to you, my life will go before anything happens to you. Water fills in the glass enclosure. Shivaye is on the way. Daksh smiles. Sometime before, Daksh says I had many dreams, with just you and me. He combs her hair. She cries. He says you got Shivaye in between and broke my dreams, my heart too. Shivaye rushes to Soumya and recalls her words. He asks servant about Soumya. Servant says maybe she is in Om’s room. Soumya talks to her mum and says I m fine, even Reyaan is fine. Shivaye comes and says I have to talk to you, before my marriage, you said servant to send tea to Anika in Daksh’s room, how did you know Anika is in Daksh’s room. She says yes, I was with her some time back. He asks what do you mean. She says I was scared a night before,


Daksh called Anika on knowing that, we were in his room. He asks you slept with Anika in Daksh’s room that night. She says yes, Anika could not sleep, I was scared, she was talking to me all night to make me feel better. He asks was Anika with you, all night. She says yes. He gets shocked.

Daksh hurts Anika and says I still love you, today I will make you ready, you are so beautiful, I will beautify you. She cries. Shivaye thinks of Anika. Nazdeek hai dil ke…… plays…. He thinks of their arguments and her words. He hears Sahil crying and goes to him. He asks why are you crying. Sahil says Anika is not bad, she is the best. Shivaye says yes, she is very nice. Sahil asks why does everyone call her bad. Shivaye says we have eyes and don’t know seeing and identifying people, we all are fools. Sahil says even you. Shivaye says I m the biggest fool of this world, where is Anika. Sahil says don’t know, if anything happens to her. Shivaye hugs him and says no, nothing will happen to her, I will get her back. Sahil asks pinky promise. Shivaye recalls Anika and makes pinky promise. Sahil says if she is in danger, will you fight with danger to save her, tell me. Shivaye hugs him and says even if sword gets raised on me, I don’t regret, if Anika gets a scratch, just one of of us will remain.

Daksh does makeup to Anika. He says Anika such a beautiful face, if this face is not mine, then…. its none’s, so Anika you have to die today. She gets shocked. He nods. She says listen to me once Daksh, I have a younger brother, he has no one. He asks why did you not think this before before cheating me, before taking seven rounds with Shivaye, I told you, if you do mistake, you will be punished, like Shah jahan made Tajmahal for Mumtaz, my last gift to you Anika is this. She gets shocked seeing the glass chamber. He says you will not forget me after death too. She cries.

Shivaye comes to Anika’s home and calls her out. He steps on phone and picks it. He says why is the phone broken. Daksh calls him and asks do you remember me. Shivaye says how can I forget you. Daksh says I m such person. Shivaye says just come to the point. Daksh asks are you stressed, sit on couch behind you, and rest. Shivaye sees couch. Daksh says think of Anika’s house as yours. Shivaye asks how do you know I m in her house.

Daksh sees him on screen and says come on Shivaye, I know everything. Shivaye gets shocked. Daksh says technology is great, we can stalk anyone and keep an eye, I like it, to keep love close, anger is bad, you both are very much stubborn, I tried hard to separate you two, I tried to create misunderstandings that you hate her, I said all that to break you two, but you married her, you did not get away from Anika, so now Anika has to get away from everyone. Anika cries. Daksh holds her and says Anika will die because of you. Shivaye says if you touch Anika then.. Daksh asks what will you do, you don’t even know where we are, till you know, everything will end here, and my lovely Anika too.

He says you underestimated Daksh Khurana. You all made fun of my love, Anika chose you instead me, and you chose Anika instead friend, you will get punished, Anika will die, you will be guilt all life that she died because of you. Shivaye says shut up Daksh, if Anika gets a scratch, I will not leave you, where is she. Daksh hurts Anika and scolds Shivaye. He asks them to say final good byes to each other. He says Anika can see you, you can’t see Anika, so give last greeting to her. Shivaye sees the doll. Daksh removes tape from Anika’s mouth. She frees her hands and pushes him. She runs to the screen and shouts Shivaye. She touches his face and cries.

Shivaye says I m coming Anika, nothing will happen to you, my life will go before anything happens to you, and my life can’t go easily. Daksh says time is up Shivaye. Shivaye says no, where are you Anika. Anika shouts old textile mill. Daksh ends call. He gets angry and drags her. Shivaye says old textile mill, I m coming Anika. He runs. Daksh takes Anika to the glass chamber. Shivaye is on the way. Anika hits on the glass and cries. Daksh takes remote and starts water flow. Daksh laughs seeing her. Water fills in the chamber. Anika cries. Shivaye is still on the way and worried.

Shivaye hits the chamber with the rod and breaks glass. Anika falls out. Shivaye holds her and says no, you can’t leave me, get up, I want to hear your nonsense, say something Bagad Billa, Billu, SSO, just say something. He hugs her and shouts Anika.

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